Long Live the Brand


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An article about something very simple which has profound implications: the longevity of brands – By Laurie Young


A few years ago I was returning from a marketing conference in America. I had heard speaker after speaker fill their presentations with an unchallenged consensus: that markets were changing very fast, that they were becoming more global, and
that customers were becoming more demanding. As a result, competition was increasing and it was difficult to create
enduring value. “The product you launch on a Monday is a commodity by Wednesday”.
By the time I was at the airport, I was tired, thirsty and hungry; so I wandered into a bar. As I looked at the beers, I noticed the age of Kronenbourg (1664) and Budweiser (launched, the barman told me, in 1886). I knew that Coca-Cola was quite old and resolved to look it up when I got home (it was also launched in 1886, just beaten by Dr Pepper 1885)


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