Building The Better Tech Mousetrap


Product Description

Do your B2B customers buy your product or service because you have the best technology, the better mousetrap?                             – By Tony Wilson


An uncomfortable (and often a rather surprising) truth for developers of technology products is that the world will not beat a pathway to your door. In fact nobody in their right mind is ever going to spend money voluntarily on your product
or service. This is the default position.
Business benefits
People won’t spend money with you, that is, except under one condition: that they expect their business to be better off as
a result of having your product or service. Pretty obvious, when you stop to think about it, but this raises another set of questions. For a customer’s business, ‘being better off’ is not necessarily the same as ‘having your great technology,’ in their minds at least. We have to ask by what criteria the customer judges if their business is better or worse off.


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