Agency Profile : Omobono


Product Description

An interview with Fran Brosan, Chairman – By Chris Burgess


In a lift on the way to a client meeting in 2001, a small group of agency employees made the decision to start their own company. “There comes a point when you’ve been working in another company where you start to think: what am I going to do next?” says Fran Brosan, Chairman of Omobono, the Cambridge-based B2B agency. “We knew that when we worked together we came up with good solutions to client problems, so that was our basis.” Over the last 10 years this has been a core focus for the Omobono team: offering full solutions to complex client problems. This process has led the company to the top of the B2B marketing sector, where it now works with the likes of BP, Coca-Cola Enterprises, and Legal & General – a long way from the lift where it all began.


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