Agency Profile : MOBAS


Product Description

An interview with Robin Bryant, Managing Director, and James Wheatcroft, Director of Brand Strategy – By Paul Woodhouse


Situated in the leafy Cambridge suburbs sits the offices of Mobas, a full service marketing agency. The organisation itself,
however, is not mirrored by its quaint surroundings. In fact, anybody that tries to label Mobas in any way will be sorely
wrong. This agency and its people are an impressive proposition and its success is built on a passionate belief in what it stands
for, what it does and how it does it.
Early days
Mobas was born on January 29, 2003, the vision of three men, two of whom are still directors today. Speaking to Robin Bryant, Founder and Managing Director, and James Wheatcroft, Director of Brand Strategy, there is a clear focus on the ethos behind the company: it’s all about brand.


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