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A country where everything is possible… with some military style planning. By David Earp – Senior International Trade Adviser and Country Specialist – India, UK Trade & Investment


Baskar, an ex-squadron leader led 10,000 untrained people aged between 3 and 70 years to the top of Mt Madhugiri (4,000 feet) without incident or accident. He claimed it was his military planning that achieved this goal. I think this typifies India.
Whilst I say everything is possible, there are many frustrations – tariffs, culture, and language changing every four miles, they claim. So there’s a need to be totally flexible in your marketing approach when doing business in India.
Expect and plan for the unexpected.
Three worlds exist in India: 1st World: Tier 1 Global companies making, selling and creating profits and employment conditions that are driving up the number of millionaires and billionaires, and
internationally aspirant upper classes. 2nd World: The expanding aspiring middle classes, keen to keep up with their neighbours, spending, borrowing, and brand hungry, with homes to fill with household goods and consumables. 50% of the consumers in this segment are under 40 years of age. Then, there’s the 3rd World: one third of the Indian population in abject poverty, for whom the government are working to create 1 million new jobs each year and CSR projects being encouraged by tax policies to address their needs.


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