A Radical Re-Design Of Business


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Alan discusses the radical changes companies are making to stay one or several steps ahead of the game in becoming a 21st century company. By Alan Moore


Recently I was invited to Shanghai to speak about the transformational design of businesses at Radical Design Week – Shanghai.
In the Heavy Metal Seminar (heavy industry rather than a debate about Metallica!), my topic was car manufacturing and how, with state of the art 3D fabrication tools, combined with networked participatory cultures and tools, and insights into rapid innovation and build practices, a car company called Local Motors can build cars five times faster at one hundred times less than
the capital cost and sell its first production vehicle, The Rally Fighter, at $79,000. This is radical transformational business design, meaning that Local Motors is perhaps one of the most comprehensive examples of a revolutionary approach to the
design, engineering, manufacturing, sale and marketing of cars. But don’t worry if you are not in the automotive industry this is a
story about the company of the future.



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