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A fascinating look into the role of the CTO at AMV BBDO and how the blending of technology and
marketing is challenging many well-established industry norms


Abbott Mead Vickers was founded over 35 years ago by David Abbott, Peter Mead and Adrian Vickers with the simple ambition of becoming the best communications agency in the UK and with a strong set of ethics and principles. For instance, they didn’t work with any tobacco or toy companies. These
principles still exist today and have been expanded into a wider culture and ultimately a DNA which focuses on two ways of caring. The first is associated with caring about the quality of everything that the company does from every single line of text written, to the reception you get when you walk in the door
and the other that centres on caring for each other, using the carrot not the stick to generate great performance. It seems to have worked, as since 1997 AMV BBDO has become the biggest, most successful agency in the UK.
I’m an electronic engineer from Belgium and started my career at IBM in the late 90s and worked at a number of marketing and advertising agencies before joining AMV BBDO in October 2012. I was hired directly as the result of a major change in the company’s strategy which began in the late noughties which was to infuse digital as a core competence for all our activities rather than just a bolt-on
function. The strategy, spearheaded by Ian Pearman our CEO, had three strands which were firstly to recruit the right talent, secondly to create evidence in the marketplace through client work and lastly
to build credibility that digital is essential to deliver a complete and contemporary service rather than a choice.


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