Join the UK Marketing Network Lauren Pettitt | 13 March 2017

If you are a UK based marketer, take the opportunity to network and share ideas with 64,000 others across the country.

We have important news on the development of the College as we take over the leading marketing social media site, the UK Marketing Network.

The UK Marketing Network is the country's largest and most interactive LinkedIn group for UK only marketing professionals. Members use the group to network (online and offline), share ideas, monitor trends, post and comment on industry-related discussions and look for jobs.

Marketing subgroups include: Digital Online, SEO, Social Media, SMO, Brand, Product, B2B, Channel, Category, CRM, Design, Charity, NfP, Communications and content, plus a whole lot more.

This group is reserved exclusively for UK based marketing professionals. Join 64,000 others across the UK and become a member of the LinkedIn group.