Self-reflection skills

10 December 2021

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“Self-reflection helps you balance who you are now with who you want to be.”

In earlier episodes of the College’s Personal and Professional Development webinar series, College tutor Neil Wilkins helped us to understand the benefits of being empathic and communicating clearly. In this episode Neil will extend this thinking on with the powerful technique of self-reflection.

We are all super-busy and few of us take the time to reflect on our choices, behaviours, strengths and weaknesses. Without self-reflection we may continue to make the same mistakes and wonder why we aren’t achieving our personal goals and desires.

There are a number of tools and methods for self-reflection that we can use within consistent daily habits that allow us to fully appreciate and understand why things happen to and around us. Practising self-reflection enables clarity, focus and confident decision making that can reduce uncertainty and chaos in our lives and increase our self-esteem and enjoyment of each and every day.

As many of us are in planning season both professionally and personally, with 2022 fast approaching, this is an important webinar to attend to empower yourself.

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