Short course Be ready for May 2018 – understand how GDPR and PECR will impact on your marketing and your organisation and create a practical action plan

New data protection and privacy regulations are coming. There are significant changes ahead for marketers in all organisations. These do not just affect marketing to consumers but to businesses too. The fines for non-compliance are significant. Hoping that it will all go away is not an option. We are delivering, practical, one day courses on the likely impact of the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) and the Privacy and Electronic Communications Regulation (PECR) on your business next May.

Short courses

Cambridge, UK

29 November 2017, £349.00 + VAT

29 November 2017
£349.00 + VAT
Cambridge - Swavesey, UK

12 December 2017, £349.00 + VAT

12 December 2017
£349.00 + VAT
Cambridge - Swavesey, UK

16 January 2018, £349.00 + VAT

16 January 2018
£349.00 + VAT
Cambridge - Swavesey, UK

27 February 2018, £349.00 + VAT

27 February 2018
£349.00 + VAT
Cambridge - Swavesey, UK

22 March 2018, £349.00 + VAT

22 March 2018
£349.00 + VAT
Cambridge - Swavesey, UK

10 April 2018, £349.00 + VAT

10 April 2018
£349.00 + VAT

Course overview

The courses are directly tailored to:

  • your organisation
  • your market
  • how you use data for marketing purposes
  • how aligned you are currently with the new requirements arising from the new regulations
  • your specific concerns

We will explain the key changes that will impact on your business and help you to create a plan to address them.

Course content:

  • How the data ‘landscape’ is changing and forecasts to 2025
  • The changes that have been made compared to the existing Data Protection Act and the current PECR
  • The impact on your organisation and markets specifically
  • The implications for marketing and the wider organisation
  • How to assess likely risk from a data protection impact perspective
  • How the rules on consent are changing
  • The six bases for lawful processing of individuals’ data - consent is just one
  • The impact on personal data sharing and transfer
  • What the potential fines for non-compliance could be
  • What a Data Protection Impact Assessment is, how to carry it out and when it is mandatory • The difference between data creation and replication
  • Key definitions used
  • When there is a need for a Data Protection Officer
  • How to ensure readiness for compliance
  • What you need to do to prepare for when the regulations take effect
  • What actions you need to take immediately
  • How to use the changes as an opportunity to add value to both your customers and your organisation

Who should attend?

The courses are specifically aimed at marketing personnel to enable them to understand what needs to be put in place to be ready for May 2018. Compliance is vital and data collection, processing and communications will be at the forefront of any organisations’ planning for this.

The key is to secure ‘buy-in’ at all levels to ensure that action is taken.

Therefore, it can also be invaluable to include IT, finance, service, human resources, sales and senior management personnel in the courses.

If you currently have a Data Protection Officer, he or she may also benefit from attending.

What will you get as a result of attending?

At the end of the course, you will have a clear understanding of what GDPR and PECR mean to you and your business. You will take away your own, practical, action plan which can be implemented immediately.

You will be in a position to convince your organisation to invest the necessary time and financial resources to prepare for when the new regulations come into force.

You will know where to go to find out more as you implement the changes needed internally.

About the course leader

The course leader is Steve Bax from Bax Interaction. Steve is a Chartered Marketer, a member of the Market Research Society and a Fellow of Cambridge Marketing College. He is a highly experienced trainer and has been teaching marketers the key aspects of the Data Protection Act and the current PECR for over 12 years.

To find out more or to discuss your requirements, please contact Charlotte Lestienne.


1 day

What our students say

Thank you for the short training course regarding GDPR. It was very well presented and has left us with lots to think about within our Company

Rachel Massey Compliance Manager Stormport

I feel so much more confident now about the GDPR regulation coming next year – Steve laid out all the facts clearly and gave us the tools to build an action plan to tackle the challenges to ensure we comply. I would definitely recommend this course and I’d do it soon!

Colette Cooley Marketing Executive TTP Labtech Ltd

Cambridge Marketing College has amazing tutors, friendly administration staff and great teaching material.

CMC Alumnus

The tutors were fantastic and all the materials provided were great. I always recommend Cambridge Marketing College.

CMC Alumnus

You really have been so so helpful, and I really appreciate it. CMC are lucky to have such wonderful staff who really go the extra mile.

Felicity Dale Associate Director, International Strategic Development Global University Systems

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