Corporate training CSR & Marketing Sustainability in Strategic Decision Making

An interactive short course for Senior Management.

Training overview

Interactive Roundtable Workshop

  • Meet with other senior managers to discuss the opportunities and challenges they have faced with embedding CSR and Sustainability in their businesses
  • Discuss real-life case studies where implementation of CSR and Sustainability has worked, where it hasn’t and the reasons why
  • Discuss the new Purpose-driven Marketing Mix that is redefining successful businesses and identify new strategies for business development and competitive advantage

Workshop Format

Hybrid sessions, allowing for in-person and virtual attendance - Mural white-boarding and Zoom video conferencing, to ensure an immersive and interactive experience for all attendees


Managers will leave the workshop with:

  • New innovation opportunities
  • Valuable insights to inform business strategy
  • New opportunities to gain competitive advantage

Post-Workshop Next Steps

This workshop may lead on to deeper exploration and support through, strategic planning, in-house consultancy and further training, where appropriate.

Need more information?

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