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Introduction to CSR & Marketing Sustainability

Calling all HR, L&D and Training Managers! Empower your staff with an understanding of Marketing Sustainability and how it is already impacting your business.

Workshop Outline

  • Help your staff to learn about the macro situation both globally and locally, the Sustainable Development Goals and how are they affecting your industry and the key elements involved in Marketing Sustainability
  • Facilitate your team to explore the new Purpose-driven Marketing Mix that is redefining your business and together they can identify new strategies for business development
  • Identify new campaign and project ideas for your own organisation

Interactive Workshop

Through facilitated discussion, collaboration and team building exercises, attendees will find your top 3 Marketing Sustainability Challenges and identify potential projects for your business

Workshop Format

Hybrid sessions, allowing for in-person and virtual attendance - Mural white-boarding and Zoom video conferencing to ensure an immersive and interactive experience for all attendees


Staff will leave the workshop with:

  • New innovation opportunities
  • Valuable information to share across the business, with management and peers
  • New opportunities to gain competitive advantage

Post-Workshop Next Steps

This workshop is an introduction to Marketing Sustainability, which may lead on to deeper exploration and support, using the Cambridge Marketing College Marketing Sustainability Toolkit, in-house consultancy and training.