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Cambridge Marketing College


We take feedback from our delegates very seriously and actively request feedback on all of our taught sessions and from our distance learning delegates in order to help us maintain the high standards we set. Here are some of the comments we have received. All are volunteered and are unrewarded: 

December 2016

I really enjoyed the sessions taught by Rob because he imparted such a lot of inside knowledge. So looking forward to more learning with Karl. I shall go ahead and activate the sessions as soon as I have cleared my desk.  Melandra Smith, Digital Diploma Delegate 

November 2016

I just wanted to advise that my study books have arrived today. Wow! That’s very impressive. I wasn’t expecting such a volume of professionally presented publications and study aids as part of the fee - this already way surpasses the support I experienced with a previous marketing college, and I haven’t even logged in to my course yet! As we know, customer experience is paramount and, as a new student and ‘client’, the CMC has made me feel very valued indeed. Thank you. Looking forward to my bedtime reading! Many thanks indeed.
Allie Taylor, BA (Hons), MPSMG, MCIPR, MIH Graphic Designer & Integrated Marketing Communications Professional

October 2016

Just a quick thank you for a great lecture today. We covered a lot and it was really clearly structured. I find it really useful covering the material and applying it to your or our own experiences and organisations. You also made me laugh throughout which means I was enjoying it too... I can assure you it was with you, not at you! Thanks again.
CIM Diploma Delegate

September 2016

This was a very well taught course. The teacher is well informed and inspiring. The slides were great and the lesson format worked very well for the group.
Petra Ernst-Gutierrez, CIM Postgraduate Diploma Delegate

August 2016

Many thanks for a really enjoyable day yesterday. I’m full to the brim with ideas now and just need time to implement them!
It was a really valuable day and has certainly given me lots to think about!
Gill Attmore and Michaela McAdam, B2B Social Media Course

July 2016

I just wanted to say thanks for all the support you have all given me over the past 2 years. I am jolly pleased I did it and can use the learning in my post. Thanks for your enduring patience and professionalism.
Julian Pratt, Communication Manager, Yorkshire Sport Foundation

June 2016

I just want to thank you all for the tremendous time I had studying for my CAM qualification. It was the first time I had been in a classroom environment for a good few years, but your tutors and staff made me feel very welcome and at ease. Each of the modules was delivered by industry experts who were clearly very experienced, knowledgeable and passionate about their particular subject. That said, everyone of them still presented the content to us in a way which we could all understand, relate to and apply to our own situations. I know I will stay in touch with some of my fellow students from the course too as we have built some strong bonds over the various modules. It will be interesting to see where our marketing careers take us! I for one now feel more confident about my own marketing skills and knowledge, and am empowered to apply them on a daily basis within my current organisation. Thank you for all that you did to support, challenge and educate me during this time.
Katie Hartt, CAM Diploma Delegate 

May 2016

Thanks for the day – it was excellent in every respect
Great venue
Great speakers
Great delegates
Great structure
Great food
Great weather

Please invite me again next time!
Nick Taylor, B2B Conference Delegate 

April 2016

I have no complaints - this is my second course with the CMC and I would recommend them to anyone looking for a high quality, informative and, most importantly, usable marketing course.
Nicola O'Loughlin, CIM Evening Class Delegate 

March 2016

So relieved I have passed - Karl was a brilliant tutor!
CIM Weekend Delegate 

February 2016

3:27pm via Twitter Web Client
Really enjoyed the @cmcpointsofview workshop on marketing for technology today. Certainly opened up the thought processes..!

1:45 pm via TweetDeck
Great workshop on marketing for technology this morning. I really enjoyed it @cmcpointsofview

Delegates at our Marketing for High Technology Workshop 

January 2016 

Thank you, Alan, so much for your brilliant tuition and support throughout the course. I thoroughly enjoyed the days at Nottingham – they were always extremely well-planned, engaging and full of detailed content – and I felt you were always there for valuable help and feedback whenever we needed extra support out of lesson time.  Just to say as well that the online videos you have recorded were extremely well put-together and presented. Having them about an hour long and available 24/7 was great. It was an ideal style of learning for me to have both online and face-to-face tuition – I found it extremely handy to be able to log in and watch extra video content at my convenience – perfect for fitting in around working full time and being a busy person!
Amy Williams, CIPR Nottingham Diploma Delegate

December 2015

Thank you so much for these slides and for all the sessions this term – it has been such a pleasure to attend and I have learnt so much. You are a very interesting and dynamic teacher and I am very grateful for all your work and investment in our class! Many thanks for such a great experience.
Lucy Beauchamp, Diploma in Professional Marketing Evening Class Delegate 

November 2015

Nov 11, 11:58am via Twitter for iPhone
Thank you to @cmcpointsofview for the 2 hour Marketing for SMEs workshop this morning, I found it really useful and interesting!

Nov 11, 1:44pm via Twitter Web Client
Great workshop on Marketing for SMEs from @cmcpointsofview this am. Consolidated what I did know, and gave me plenty more to think about!

Thanks for an inspiring morning!
Delegates at our Introduction to Marketing for SMEs Workshop in Cambridge

October 2015

I will update the diploma to add CMC - which I still view as the best postgrad training/learning I have experienced.
Simon Whitmarsh-Knight, Global Marketing Leader, Activewear and Outdoor Apparel, INVISTA, Postgraduate Diplomate

September 2015

I am really enjoying the course, I definitely wouldn’t have got this new job if it wasn’t for what I have learnt so far so I am finding it really valuable.
Sophie Fryer, CIM Diploma in Professional Marketing Delegate

August 2015

Thank you so very much for all of your help and support. Your study weekend was brilliantly taught and all of your advice in terms of how to approach the assignment was spot on. Having been out of the study game for 15 years I really would have been happy with a pass, so the A was a wonderful surprise.
CAM Delegate

July 2015

I just wanted to say thank you for all the support you gave whilst doing the mastering metrics course, I really appreciated it and learnt a lot along with building my confidence for marketing overall. Thank you for an enjoyable revision day. 

I really enjoyed all of the mastering metrics classes and felt that I learnt a huge amount. Your classes were really interesting and you are definitely a great source of knowledge! Thanks again for all your help, I am also keen to stay in touch.
Diploma Evening Class Delegates

June 2015

Thank you for an enjoyable revision day.  It was an interesting and informative session and the learning/study methods will be very useful to me.  I will definitely have a look at the shaped learning blog. The revision day was a great boost and I am going to try my hardest to complete the course. Thank you for the slides and exam questions.  I need to work out a study plan now. The venue was amazing and felt more like being in a hotel than at college!
Claire Salerno, CIM Diploma Delegate

May 2015

Great set of evening classes - thank you for the encouragement and enthusiasm. Assignment now on its way...!
CIM Evening Class Delegate

April 2015

Thank you for a great day, fantastic tutor and a lovely lunch! 
Cambridge Certificate Delegate

March 2015

I wanted to express a very special thanks to the College...
Soon after I started working in marketing I was encouraged to begin studying and by recommendation I joined Cambridge Marketing College. With little knowledge, but plenty of enthusiasm I started my professional development at the CIM Professional Certificate level. It was challenging embarking on a new career path whilst also making adequate time to study, but as my studies progressed as did my capabilities in my role. After completing the Certificate I was promoted at work and decided to return to CMC to start studying towards the CIM Professional Diploma, providing me with both the practical skills and the qualification to further advance in my career.

This was without doubt the biggest challenge I have ever set myself, but, I was determined to see it through to the end. Although studying towards the Diploma whilst working was indeed tough, the tutors always went out of their way to help as much as they possibly could, and for that I was exceptionally grateful. Along with family and friends, they gave me the strength and support that I needed to see it through and complete the qualification. I graduated with the class of 2014 and it was the proudest day of my life. As a result of all of the hard work and persistence and the continued help and support of the college, I am now working as a Marketing Manager and I love what I do. None of this would have been possible without CMC, so thank you all from the bottom of my heart.

When there are less pressures at work I'll be back for my Digital Diploma, but for now I'll just keep recommending your services as I already have for a number of your current students, and as I am grateful that someone did for me.

Laura Darwin, Certificate and Diploma Delegate

February 2015

These shows are really fun and engaging but not too long, which is always good! They cover all sorts of marketing issues and are well worth a listen.
CMR Radio Shows listener

January 2015

Excellent tutorage, very enjoyable lessons. Felt comfortable asking anything.
Certificate in Professional Marketing Evening Class Delegate

December 2014

Being from a legal background with very little theoretical knowledge of marketing I have found the Professional Certificate an excellent and crucial input in my marketing manager role: it gave me the theory I was lacking. I felt more grounded, more confident in my knowledge and it has given me an extra strategic edge in my role. Working in digital marketing, I have found the qualification very useful in mastering the real foundations of marketing. The experience was rewarding and I have liked learning and exchanging ideas with people from other marketing backgrounds. The tutors went above and beyond to help us in the preparation of exams and assignments, and overall despite the small sacrifice of my time, I would recommend this for all marketers.
Evodie Fleury, Certificate in Marketing Edinburgh Delegate

November 2014

Another great day - thanks very much!
Digital Diploma Weekend Delegate

October 2014

I just want to say a really big thank you to you and the rest of the tutors at the college for your support over the years as I worked my way through the Postgraduate Diploma in Marketing.  I was very tearful when I discovered I passed the final MLP module with 72%, your feedback and support during the times that I was panicking was fantastic - Thank you! The college has certainly made my distant learning experience a great one!
Gurminder Badan, Postgraduate Diploma Distance Learning Delegate

September 2014

I have just had my result for Stakeholder Marketing and I have passed! I just wanted to say thank you to everyone at CMC for your help and support. Now I have completed my Certificate I will be back for the Diploma. Thank you.
Professional Certificate Delegate

August 2014

Thank you for an excellent seminar on Saturday - I thoroughly enjoyed it and, importantly, found it extremely useful with plenty to take away and start implementing immediately.
Digital Delegate 

July 2014

Thanks to the Cambridge Marketing College, and their exceptional revision and study material, I was able to pass my Introductory Certificate in Marketing. My thanks go out to their expertise and unrivalled support that helped me get forward in my career. I would definitely recommend their services.
Liam F Green, Introductory Certificate Delegate

June 2014

I very much enjoyed the module I completed and have profited from the knowledge ......I can, and do, recommend the college as an exemplar of quality in terms of teaching and customer service.
Dorothy Hawkins, CIM alumna

May 2014

As my first time back in the classroom in over 10 years, I did not know quite what to expect at my first Cambridge Marketing College Seminar. I was very impressed when I received a link to a webinar, giving an overview of the module we would be studying along with the PPT slides to preview. Andrew Hatcher was the tutor for the DCVTM module. He was very personable, very organised and extremely knowledgeable. He did not 'glide through the slides' but TAUGHT the class around the slides and welcomed and encouraged class participation and questions. His pace matched the ability of the group and I felt that Andrew was invested in our outcome as he stayed for an additional hour after a long review session.I contacted Andrew about a work related issue and he very kindly responded with sound advice and a fresh perspective. In addition to the excellent teaching; the venue at Barnett Hill, nr Guildford offers a wonderful learning environment with light, spacious classrooms set in a beautiful stately home and good quality food and beverages.Based on my experience, I would not hesitate to recommend CMC. 
Elly Butler, Professional Diploma Saturday Seminar Delegate

April 2014

Great tutor sessions and very helpful notes. I have very much enjoyed this module; fantastic and interactive.
Izzy Croker, Professional Certificate Evening Class Delegate

March 2014

Thank you for a great session on Saturday, it was brilliant and I think I’ve encouraged half my team to attend the Digital Marketing Planning session now!
Diploma in Digital Marketing Delegate

February 2014

Great digital marketing seminar today from Cambridge Marketing College. Easily the best I have been to.
Diploma in Digital Marketing Delegate

January 2014

Thanks, the study guide is very helpful, and I have spoken with my tutor already. Although I have only just started the course, the support and information I have received from CMC is impressive and comforting.
CIM Professional Certificate Distance Learning Delegate

December 2013

I just wanted to let you know that I have received my last result from CIM this afternoon - and I am really, really pleased. That's my last module done now so I wanted to take the opportunity to say a big thank you for your help and support last year, and to all of the other tutors who helped me - I couldn't have done it without you.
CIM Professional Diploma Delegate

November 2013

I have just submitted by Managing Marketing assignment to the College and wanted to put on record how great my tutor, Jaspar Robertson, has been over the last few months.  His approach was pragmatic, supportive and motivating - everything I could have hoped for being so far away from home.
Jenny Graham, Distance Learning Professional Diploma Delegate studying in Canada    

October 2013

Very good quality of teaching - thank you!
Hannah Dunsdon, Professional Certificate Delegate in Bristol

September 2013

You may already have a copy of this but I just wanted to let you know nevertheless that I have now completed my Diploma in Marketing Communications! I appreciate the College’s assistance, most especially the patience of my teachers in making this possible. Balancing my heavy workload with studies (and personal life) was indeed a great challenge and I couldn’t have done it without your support. Again, many thanks and more power to Cambridge Marketing College!
Melanny Lopez, CAM Diploma in Marketing Communications Delegate

August 2013

[This module] was a long one. LOVED doing it, but it totally steam rollers all other have to work evenings and weekends to fit it around your own workload but it's deeply rewarding to start applying the CIM models and thinking to everyday marketing projects.
Miranda Henderson, PG Diploma Delegate

July 2013

I found the seminars very informative and relevant. Really good preparation for the assignment!
CAM Digital Delegate

June 2013

I found the information you have prepared for Cambridge Marketing College really valuable. The material is written in a fresh, easy to understand way which really makes you think about how best to apply the knowledge within your own company. It is highlighted, informative and the format makes it a pleasure to read.
Justyna Zmorzynska, CAM Digital Delegate

May 2013

The tutor was great in engaging us and giving us confidence about the syllabus and being able to succeed. The weekend was really enjoyable and helpful. Great support!
Professional Certificate Weekend Delegate

April 2013

I received a "B" grade for the module - MCR. Thank you very much for the guidance and the feedback you gave me throughout the 6 months. I am impressed with the guidance of CMC. I am so happy with my results.
World Service Postraduate Diploma Delegate

March 2013

Elaine was a fantastic tutor. She always made the sessions interactive to make us think and I feel as though I have learnt a lot.
Professional Certificate Evening Class Delegate

February 2013

I was very impressed by the approach and support offered by Cambridge Marketing College. Having transferred into the College from another study centre halfway through the qualification I feel that the standard offered is far superior and I wish I had started studying with Cambridge Marketing College from the start!
Postgraduate Diploma Delegate

January 2013

Cambridge Marketing College has amazing tutors, friendly administration staff and great teaching material.
Professional Diploma Delegate

December 2012

I just wanted to send you a brief email to let you know that I passed my MIR module. I received the result today and achieved the highest grade of all modules I've taken since I started my studies for this course. I'd like to say a special thank you to you for sticking by me and helping me attain this result. Your dedicated approach to helping has supported me no end and to you, I owe this result. So thank you. I hope our paths cross again during my studies to become fully chartered. Until such a time I'd like to say thanks again.
Craig Churcher, Professional Certificate Delegate

November 2012

I opted to study the CIM Professional Diploma in Sports Marketing to realise my dream of working in the Sports Industry. I took the course via distance learning and cannot fault the support of my tutor and all the staff I dealt with at Cambridge Marketing College. Through completing my assignments I gained valuable insight and exposure into marketing at sports organisations, and ultimately the CIM designation was instrumental in helping me move Industries. I now work as an Account Representative at a global sports brand and do not think I would have achieved this had I not completed this qualification. Thank you Cambridge Marketing College!
Matt Royle, Sports Marketing Diploma Delegate

October 2012

The study materials and online resources were exceptional, and were one of the main reasons I chose to study with CMC. I particularly enjoyed the podcasts and the anecdotal examples that the lecturers shared. I would definitely encourage any marketers who are thinking about studying for their CIM qualification to consider Cambridge Marketing College.
Kerry Proctor, Marketing Campaign Manager, Sage UK, Professional and Postgraduate Diploma Delegate

September 2012

I have recommended the marketing college to colleagues. I rate the tutors as first class. The weekly evening classes were well organised and delivered to a high standard. The support from all tutors during assignment submission and exam prep was excellent.
Professional Diploma Evening Class Delegate

August 2012

Your comments and advice throughout the course have been instrumental in my grades to date and your guidance here is once again appreciated.
Sports Marketing Delegate

July 2012

Really enjoyed the course which I took as a Saturday delegate. The venue (The Holmes in Bristol) was lovely and the days were well structured with plenty of learning from professionals in the particular subject and regular breaks with lovely food!!!
Saturday Seminar Delegate

June 2012

I undertook the Professional Certificate in Sports Marketing to supplement the experience I have gained from working in the football industry, and to prepare me for the many challenges that lie ahead in my career.  The course is both relevant and challenging, and the support provided by my tutor Nick and the whole CMC team has been first class.
Ross Easton, Bolton Wanderers Football Club, Sports Certificate Delegate

May 2012

Good customer service from central team by Email and phone. The study notes supplied on registration and the revision course were very good.
Executive Weekend Professional Diploma Delegate

April 2012

Tutor excellent, made an intensive course I was dreading very interesting and painless. I will certainly re-think my distance learning approach for future qualifications.
Dan Williams, Distance Learning Professional Certificate Delegate (who upgraded to attend a taught weekend for one module).

March 2012

I have really enjoyed the course and am so glad to have chosen to study with Cambridge Marketing College. Please pass on my thanks to Charles, Neil and Terry who have been a great source of guidance, insight and encouragement.
Phil Brown, Digital Marketing Delegate

February 2012

All my materials have arrived and I've had a nice chat with my tutor and I'm all set! Just like to say how friendly, supportive and helpful everyone's been, I'm really impressed with the course, website and materials, I'm so pleased I chose cmc! Thanks again.
Jessica Thomas, B2B Professional Certificate Delegate

January 2012

I found studying for the Professional Diploma in Sports Marketing challenging, stimulating and ultimately very rewarding. The support I received from my tutor was invaluable and with Nick's help, I got there in the end. I'm very hopeful that the attainment of this qualification and all that I've learned during my studies, will be a great help in the development of my career in sport.
Nicky Affleck, Sports Marketing Delegate

December 2011

Really useful to have a full day incorporating revision and analysis of the case... the tutor was very good!
Professional Diploma Delegate

November 2011

Thanks again, you and the College have been absolutely great and really do cater for peope who study "on the job".
Distance Learning Delegate, Professional Diploma

October 2011

I usually dislike giving glowing feedback as I don’t usually find that it is very constructive, but I can’t fault the course so far; Tony was excellent, as was all of the handout materials, and the organisation of everything at your office has been great (I’ve asked a lot of questions, and no-one has lost their temper with me yet!). 
Nicola Adcock, Professional Diploma Weekend  Delegate

September 2011

Great exam technique pep talk from Kiran Kapur this morning. Thank you Kiran!
DL Delegate

August 2011

The advanced certificate has given me a fantastic grounding in PR. It is really important to understand the theory and history behind PR practice whilst in the early stages of your career, and the Advanced Certificate was the perfect vehicle to do so. The level of support received from my tutor and course leader was exceptional and it has been a truly rewarding experience that will no doubt benefit me in the future.
Becci Gould, CIPR Advanced Certificate Delegate

July 2011

Just to say thank you for all your support over the last year. I really appreciated my tutors' support and comments on my draft assignments.
Professional Diploma Distance Learning Delegate

June 2011

Excellent tutor, very supportive of the assignment and absolutely brought the course to life in a structured, clear way.
Professional Certificate Delegate

May 2011

Excellent weekend session. The tutor really gets the group talking and engaging in relevant, informative debate/discussion. I really felt I learned a lot from the session and am able to prepare for the exam.
CAM Diploma in Marketing Communications Delegate

April 2011

Best tutor yet. Challenges you and makes you think, but then supportive in answers. Felt guidance/notes will really help me pass exam.
CIM Certificate Evening Class Delegate

March 2011

Allison provided a well thought out and planned overview of the advertising module. This was delivered at a pace which covered all levels - as a new starter to the course she made me feel at ease and helped with any questions that I didn't understand. Allison is a credit to the marketing college and a pleasure to be taught by. Thank you.
CAM Diploma in Marketing Communications Delegate

February 2011

Just to let you know I got an A for the Marketing Planning Process assignment. Absolutely thrilled, beyond what I expected. A big thank you for guidance and advice.

DL, Professional Diploma Delegate

January 2011

I really enjoyed your lecture and found it very helpful. Hope to stay in touch in future. One of the great things about CMC and now LinkedIn is that people with lots of experience in the marketing profession get connected with those at the beginning of their professional paths.  
Pavlin Penchev
, Digital Diploma Delegate

December 2010

I would like to extend a big thank you to yourself and team with a special thank you to Shane Minett for all of your hard work helping me achieve ACIM which has now been up graded to ECIM.

You may recall the last module MMIP gave me some challenges, and at times felt like a bridge to far, but with the support of your team I achieved that result, and as a mature student with dyslexia it feels great to have achieved this.

The good news gets better - I based the module work on real world activity from my existing business, Jusi Group Sales Marketing Support, and a new business I have now launched Call Point Fire ltd.  The results of applying the new skills along with existing knowledge has secured just under half a million pounds of new contracts with three hundred thousand pounds already committed to orders for Call Point Fire. If there ever was a time to discover PEST this was it. Jusi Group Sales support has also grown and enjoy working from new offices in one of Fenlands iconic business centres - the boat house part of the new marina developments.

Thank you Cambridge Marketing College.
Simon Pauley, 
Professional Diploma Delegate

November 2010

I would like to add that I thought Edward was an excellent tutor who obviously has lots of marketing experience and knowledge. He gave us countless real life examples and had great energy to keep us all motivated through the weekend.
Weekend Executive, Professional Diploma Delegate

October 2010

Compared to my previous study centre, very high quality, value-adding approach.
Weekend PG Diploma Delegate

September 2010

I just wanted drop a quick thank you to you all for helping me to complete
my CAM Diploma in Marketing Communications.
I thought all the study weekends and the organisation of the course were
excellent and have found that it has already been hugely influential on my
current employment and my future career plans.
Many Thanks

Neil Greaves, 
Marketing Officer
, Blackpool Sixth Form College

August 2010

The tutor was very helpful and knowledgeable.
CAM Integrated Media Delegate

July 2010

What most stood out for me on the course was the range of support mechanisms offered by the College: webinars, online resources, revision sessions, one to ones with tutors etc. Administrative support offered by Shane has been efficient, helpful - and above all friendly.
Evening Class Postgraduate Diploma Delegate

June 2010

I would also like to take this opportunity to say that to date the quality of information and service provided has been second to none - in fact I would go so far as to say the difference is like night and day between my previous college and Cambridge Marketing College.
Gemma Nicoll, 
Professional Diploma Delegate, Edinburgh

May 2010

Enjoying the course a lot!  Helped me in my job interviews. 
Professional Certificate Delegate

April 2010

Steve was an excellent tutor - very thorough!
Professional Certificate Evening Class Delegate

March 2010

Hello Charles
How are you doing? I just managed to check my results for the SMiP and had a B. Thanks a million for all your support and guidance - it was really a pleasure being tutored by you. I will definitely stay in touch as I aim to start implementing some of the strategies we covered.

Adebayo Onigbanjo
, Nigerian Delegate studying the Postgraduate Diploma by Distance Learning in the USA

February 2010

Hi Kiran
I've had my results today, two Bs, which is great.......Thank you for all your help throughout the course, all of the tutors have been so helpful whilst completing assignments and the feedback has been so useful.

Distance Learning Delegate

January 2010

The course has already helped me secure six interviews within a diverse range of industry sectors as a direct result of this being on my cv and also contributed towards me getting an online content manager role within a major retail group.  Commercially the course is a great success and candidates will really benefit from this.
CAM Digital Programme Delegate

December 2009

Excellent tutor. Informative, professional, relevant, up to date examples, kept attention and made it interesting!
Professional Diploma Delegate (Edinburgh)

November 2009

I'd also like to say that at every instance the college has impressed me with speed of response and efficiency, which is not true of every business. I would have no hesitation in recommending you based on my experiences so far - thanks!
Professional Diploma Distance Learning Delegate 

November 2009

There is absolutely no way that I would have been able to write my marketing strategy without doing that marketing planning module - so thanks for all your help.
Arts Diploma Delegate (whose marketing strategy has just been approved by her organisation's Board)

October 2009

First of all I wish to thank you for the efficient service and commitment -
I was very surprised to see an immediate contact from your end.

PG Diploma Distance Learning Delegate

September 2009

To Distance Learning Course Director
Hello Kiran
I just wanted to say grinThank you grin for all your help with the Marketing Planning module I took for the CIM Diploma. I'm pleased to say I passed the diploma but would not have been able to without the support and feedback provided by you and everyone who I encountered at Cambridge Marketing College. I wish you all the best for the future.

Professional Diploma Distance Learning Delegate 

July 2009

I am really enjoying studying towards the CIM Professional Diploma is Sports Marketing. It has allowed me to combine my interest in both marketing and sport and improve my chances of landing a role in the industry. I find the course very interesting, my personal tutor has been extremely helpful and I have already learnt a lot. I hope it helps me to land the role I am looking for and would recommend it to anyone else in a similar position to myself.

Pete Brudenell
, Sports Diploma Delegate

July 2009

The diploma proved really interesting, I liked the way you had to relate the theory to a real organisation and it gave me a better understanding of how Badminton England was run and an appreciation of the work that goes on behind the scenes. I would highly recommend undertaking the sports marketing diploma as it gave me a much better understanding as to how the organisation I was working for operated.'  

Natalie Munt
, Sports Diploma Delegate

June 2009

I have been associated with the founder, Charles Nixon, the Directors and Faculty of Cambridge Marketing Colleges since it was founded over 18 years ago. Throughout this period I have been so impressed with the quality of their teaching and their total commitment to their students and delegates, that I was delighted to accept their invitation to become Academic Advisor, a role I take very seriously. As a Professor at Cranfield, Henley, Warwick, Aston and Bradford Business Schools, as well as being Vice-Dean of CIM's Academic Senate, I keep fully abreast of the latest developments in marketing practice and education and I have no hesitation in recommending CMC to anyone interested in furthering their career in marketing. I say on the cover of CMC's brochure "A fantastic success story. A deserved market leader" - I mean every word!

Emeritus Professor Malcolm McDonald

May 2009

The experience and knowledge of CMC tutors has ensured Barclays' colleagues have a firm grounding in marketing and business theory and are able to apply this in a practical commercial environment. CMC has been fulfilling Barclays' Marketing training or over three years, and continue to exceed our expectations.

Tom Corbett, Marketing Operations Office, Barclays

April 2009

Natacha is a great tutor and very good at explaining theory. I really enjoyed the module. Thank you.
Professional Certificate Evening Class Delegate

March 2009

I think at some point I will go onto the CIPR advanced course but think I need a bit of a break from studying.  I will definitely come back to use Cambridge Marketing Collegethough, I found the college really helpful and easy to work with.

CAM Delegate

February 2009

Thanks to CMC for providing a good course with well thought out material which was ideal for distance learning. I also thought highly of the course tutors.

PG Diploma DL Delegate

January 2009

I'd like to thank all the tutors and fellow pupils on the course for
making this diploma such fun. 

While each module was testing, students are encouraged to use and apply
theory to their own jobs. The assignments directly benefited several of
my clients and led to positive business results.

Even though I was the only student from a pr / comms background, the
challenging but enjoyable assignments helped build on my marketing
basics. This course is a must for anyone who wants to understand the
huge role marketing has to play in modern business.
Matt Gentry, 
Professional Diploma for Sports Marketing

November 2008

Really effective way to study. I feel very well supported by tutor and CMC.
Helen Tanner, 
PG Dip Delegate

October 2008

Study materials arrived almost by return of post, and the material is great. You are just
brilliantly organised.
DL PG Dip Delegate

September 2008

Hi Shane,

Just a quick mail to say how chuffed I am today. I got an A & B for
communications and environment respectively which is way beyond my

Took me back to '87 and my O levels!!



Clive Harrison



I had my results this week and am thrilled as I got a 'B' for MMIP. Thanks so
much for all your help with the assignment, I know I would not have done so
well without all your helpful feedback.

As an added bonus, my assignment was selected to be used as a specimen
answer - I am amazed!

Thanks again,

Angie Tiller, 
Marketing Co-ordinator
, Time & Frequency Solutions Ltd

August 2008

A really very good course - would be good to have a final booklet compiling all of the different models in one place.

[We agree and have started to compile one - CMC].
CIM Professional Diploma Delegate

June 2008

Hi Steve, 

I have been meaning to get in touch for ages to tell you how I got on in the exams and to say thank you! I passed both exams so have now completed my Diploma which is great. Even more exciting is that I'm getting to use lots of it in my job. I found the Marketing Management in Practice module very helpful in my team management and have applied lots of the things I learnt. We've been through all the Belbin team roles as a team which has been very useful amongst lots of other things. So I wanted to say a big thank you both for helping me pass the course and more importantly (to me!) giving me lots of practical advice that has been invaluable in my job. I just need to decide whether to do the Postgrad next, although if I do it will be after a short break.

I hope you're well and that work is going ok and I may see you again if I pluck up the courage for more study!

Thanks very much,
Ruth Smyth
, Marketing Analysis Manager
, The RSPB

May 2008

The students and teachers of the CIPR Diploma at Cambridge Marketing College are to be congratulated. A 90%+ pass rate is a real achievement and testament to everyone's hard work and the quality of the teaching and students. The pass rates are good for the professional credibility of the students and the course centres. And the fact that there are now more proven strategic and skilled PR practitioners out there will benefit both the PR industry and its users. Congratulations once again from all at the CIPR.
Elisabeth Lewis-Jones, 
CIPR President

May 2008

The material supplied is excellent, much better than my previous College.
Jan Dully, 
CAM Delegate

April 2008

Facility, tutor, materials all very good. All round excellent service.
CIM Professional Diploma Delegate

March 2008

I have ultimately been able to clear all the papers for Professional PG Diploma. Having left university in 1989, I had serious doubts about embarking on an educational endeavour again. I am happy that I have been able to complete the programme with considerable ease. I would also like to mention that, through the programme, I have gathered a vast amount of knowledge along with a practical orientation to the UK’s business environment, which was one of my major objectives for taking the course.

I would like to take this opportunity to offer my sincere thanks to you and the Cambridge Marketing College for your excellent support and guidance without which it would have been very difficult for me to accomplish the task.

Thanking you once again
Best Regards


February 2008

Very friendly tutors - very approachable - feel you could ask them anything.
Saturday Seminar delegate

January 2008

Heather Yaxley is an excellent tutor. I can’t say that enough. She is very approachable and her supportive emails in between lectures are a good morale booster. We are encouraged to challenge our own ideas and learn through our own reflection, rather than being dictated to. There is always a relaxed atmosphere in class, with no fear of ridicule or embarrassment when we make mistakes. The learning materials are easily accessible and detailed enough for our study.

December 2007

I've just completed my exams for the CIM Professional Diploma and many thanks to you and your colleagues for helping to make it a thoroughly enjoyable course. Many thanks.

Richard Baderin
, GlaxoSmithKline UK Pharmaceuticals

November 2007

The Saturday Sessions are fantastic - really worthwhile and don't compete with work.
Scottish delegate

Would you recommend the college? 
Very definitely. Your staff have been without exception helpful and friendly.
PG Diploma delegate

Delegate wins worldwide CIM Award for best Strategic Marketing in Practice paper.

October 2007

Tutor excellent and available when needed.
Lots of good practical examples and course taught by someone with tons of experience of the field.
CIM Diploma delegate

September 2007

Hello all

I just wanted to thank you all for the support you have given me over the past year whilst I've been doing my CAM Diploma in Marketing Communications.  I've passed all the exams now, so that's me finished the diploma, and I'm over the moon.
I really appreciate the support I've received from each of you - especially as some of you had to put up with my incessant questions around exam/assessment time!
Some of my colleagues and friends have asked who I have been studying with, so I've told them to definitely do any of their studying through CMC as I can't fault the support I've been given.

Kind regards,

Kirsty Tomassi
, PR Manager (Scotland)

August 2007

Hi There

Just a quick note from one of your (ex) students

I am home and dry with my DipCAM and found the CMC experience very positive and very easy to adapt to my own timetable and I had a positive experience of all the lecturers.

I myself lecture to postgrads and at conferences and would just say that I felt the best lecturer by a mile was Duncan Willoughby: all his examples were bang up to date, the material was pithy and accessible, and he plainly adored his subject.

All the best, and thank you

May 2007

A long overdue thank you for all your help and support with the Marketing Planning Module. I would also like to pass on my thanks to Matt King for making the Marketing Communications module so enjoyable, to Paul Dunnage for his support and always prompt responses and finally to Steve Bax who gave me clear direction and quick responses to reassure me in a module outside of my comfort zone. All the tutors at CMC have been fantastic and whilst the Diploma has been demanding it has also been very rewarding.
Sarah Parker
, WS Atkins Global

April 2007

Chris Parker (tutor) was superb and made the weekend very enjoyable. The entire session was interactive, peppered with anecdotes from Chris's wide industry experience.
CIM Diploma delegate

March 2007

Dear All,

Thank you for your support and guidance over the past 18 months with my CIM Professional Diploma. As you know at times I was well outside my comfort zone but with your help I came through with 3 Bs & a C - not bad for someone who hadn't picked up a text book for nigh on 25 years!

Thank you all again.

Robin Evans

February 2007

Really enjoyed the style found it easy to follow, understand and apply.
CIM Delegate feedback

January 2007

Very positive experience of CMC - tutors responsive and supportive as well as the CMC team.
CAM delegate feedback

December 2006

I am really enjoying the course and very relieved now that the exams are over (for now). The facilities at Guildford are great, the tutors have been superb and the online and email support from your team excellent. I have found the website very useful, easy to navigate around (much better than CIM's!) and the mp3s are great.
Sarah Tubbs

November 2006

Lectures and notes are excellent for Marcoms and Planning / Feel very supported and informed.
CIM delegate feedback

October 2006

Delegate wins worldwide CIM Award for best Marketing Research paper.

September 2006

Just a very quick note to let you know I passed my MMiP to complete my Stage 2 and, therefore, to say thanks very much to the three of you. Jaspar, thanks for your help with this last module - as you may remember I was drafting it from various Middle Eastern outposts which was a bit of trial, but job done! Charles and Shane, thanks very much for you help with studies and logistics throughout my time with CMC.

With all best wishes,
Chris Hughes
, ELT Sales Manager, 
Middle East & North Africa, Cambridge University Press

August 2006

Studying for the CIPR Diploma has been a rewarding challenge.  Be sure you can commit the time to the studying but expect in return to gain new insights into your profession, to meet public relations professionals from a range of organisations and to complete essays, a campaign and personal project and still keep your day job!
Emma Darling, Public Relations Officer, Cardiff University

July 2006

"The tutor sessions accompanying the CIPR Advanced Certificate were fantastic. It was always great to hear of my tutors' experiences and those of the other students on the course.  I gathered so much invaluable information that put the text books to shame!
Ruth Walters, Cohesive Communications Ltd

May 2006

I have found the level of support provided by the whole team (including tutors and admin staff) at CMC is excellent- they have always been on hand to answer questions and have generally been very approachable.
Distance Learning CAM delegate

April 2006

A short note to let you know that I passed the December exam in the above subject ( graded B ), and to thank you for preparing us for it so well. Having not sat any examination for twenty years I was to say the least a little rusty on technique, so your tuition was invaluable in making the whole thing go as smoothly as it did.
Rob Berry (Postgraduate Diploma)

March 2006

Jaspar Robertson should be congratulated on his approach to the MMIP weekend which he not only made informative but interesting and thought provoking as well as reassuring from all of us going down the assignment route.
Pippa Corbett
Professional Diploma (Professional Services)

February 2006

I have just received the results for my last three exams and am pleased to say that I passed them all.

I just wanted to pass my thanks on to everyone at the college for their support and assistance throughout the course.  It's taken me a long time to get through the course due to personal issues and the college has been very flexible and accommodating.

The lecturers have all been very helpful, but I would particularly like to say a big thank you to Allison Thomas who has been absolutely fantastic.  She inspires confidence and I'm not sure I would have done so well if it had not been for her brilliant revision sessions.

Many thanks
CAM Delegate

December 2005

Many thanks for your straight forward answers, I feel that they have helped me to produce better assignments and also helped me to stay calm when I had so much work to do. The effort you put in really is appreciated.
Gemma Peart

November 2005

Just wanted to say a quick “thank you” to both of you for the help given me while I studied for the postgraduate diploma over the last 2 years. It was great to refresh and build on all the things I had learned while at university and in my pharmaceutical industry. I enjoyed the relaxed but productive style of learning at the intensive weekend sessions, it suited me perfectly. I still can’t believe that I managed to pass it all so quickly and I think that is partly due to the tuition I received at the CMC.
D S Lindsay BA (hons) DipM ACIM

October 2005

Don't often say this about training, but there really is very little I would change about this course. The balance between academic and real examples and application was just right.

This is my first module with CMC and professionalism of the College really stands out amongst other providers in this arena.
Corrina Chester, Centrex

September 2005

CIM just informed me that I have passed the last exam and was awarded with CIM Postgraduate Diploma. As I realized, learning in a different language is not an easy thing to do. But it is definitely worth doing as it brings great experience and provides a new fresh look at the world around. And of course there was good practice in the language itself.  I think that as a marketing institute you have huge opportunities in foreign markets, like Russia.

I am sure that this significant achievement wouldn’t be possible without the support and patience that I got from you and from other tutors in Cambridge Marketing College. I want to say a BIG THANK YOU to all the people I met in the College who were teaching me and helping in preparation for CIM exams.
Sergey Alpatov
, License Compliance Manager, 
Microsoft Russia

August 2005

I financed myself to undertake the course and the investment has already paid off. The same week I received the result of my final assignment I was offered the job of Marketing and Audience Development Manager at City Arts in Nottingham. The post specifically asked for evidence of continued professional development and the course no doubt helped me get the job.

Richard Jones, 
Marketing and Audience Development Manager, City Arts

June 2005

Would you recommend the College?
Absolutely , I've not enjoyed learning this much for years.
John Humphreys

May 2005

I thought this weekend was excellently taught. Duncan was very informative and hugely enthusiastic- top notch.
Emma Roscoe

April 2005

I was very pleased to receive my exam results confirmation letter at the end of February and would like to thank the college for all its efforts in helping me pass the Pg Diploma in Marketing. Although most of my studies were undertaken via distance learning, I found the weekends and revision days to be most invaluable.

It was hard work and after nearly 3 years I am ready to take a break from studying!
Thanks again for all your help.

Colleen P Howard,
Knowledge Management Specialist
, Perkins

March 2005

I have just received my results from my final 2 modules of the Professional Diploma in Marketing.  I am now glad to say that I have passed my course with an overall B grade. I wanted to express my thanks to the college for the support and in particular Shane, who was always supportive and a real credit to the college.

I shall definitely be recommending the Cambridge Marketing college to all my marketing colleges.

Yours sincerely,

Rachel Wingfield

February 2005

I would like to say that the college has been absolutely superb over the past two years and if you ever need some testimonials for brochures etc, please do not hesitate get in touch.

Thank you once again to all, especially Shane who is most efficient and supportive.

Sadie Wigglesworth
, Account and Event Manager, 
Subaru World Rally Team

December 2004

Firstly, thank you for your colleges support throughout my undertaking of the Professional Diploma in Marketing, I can honestly say that the learning package and support your college provides is the best I have experienced in my academic career.
Anthony K. Massen
, Perkins

November 2004

I would like to say an enormous thank you to Jaspar Robertson for all his help and advise during my Professional Diploma in Marketing. After failing one assignment in Dec 03 I decided to take the remaining 3 in one go and the thought was very daunting. After my weekend session with Jaspar I found myself looking at all of the questions in a different way, his teaching techniques have definitely helped me enormously. In August 04 I received my results and I passed all 3 which has now given me the boost I needed to carry on my studies with the Post grad.

October 2004

8 Delegates win CIM Top Student awards

September 2004

Many thanks to your lecturers for getting me through the cert - just passed the final module!  My job isn't in marketing, but it's really useful for me to have gained some knowledge of what it's all about!
Rosalie Kerr (UCLES)

I passed the final module of my post graduate diploma I'd just like to thank you for your help over the past year.
Mark Potton

August 2004

Please forgive the unsolicited approach, but I keep being impressed by your college. I have marked exams from your students on CIM, and previously on IPR, all of which are good, which is a testament obviously to your teaching styles/methods and calibre of staff. 
CIM and IPR examiner

May 2004

Just wanted to let you know that after having studied my CV the CIM has granted me full membership immediately. In other words I am "DiplM MCIM"!!

Thank you for all the help on the way and I have to say that it has been a pleasure doing my distance studies through your college for the past 4 years.


Dennis Holte Albertsen, DipM MCIM 
, Central European Regional Business Development
, Deloitte & Touche Central Europe

April 2004

I suppose you're aware that I did pass the Case Study and I really wanted to thank you for all the assistance you gave me during this particular exam as well as through the Adcert and the Diploma qualifications. Your support especially when I left the UK really helped me a great deal to pass them all.
Severine Ranc
, Delegate in France.

December 2003

Many, many thanks for your time and energy spent de-mystifying Effective Management!! I came away from Saturday's session feeling less scared about the exam than at any other point to date - that was worth the trip to Cambridge in itself!!
Steve Thorpe, 

October 2003

I attended the Marketing module last weekend and I found that the tutor, Jo Pringle, was very very good. In spite of a whopping cold, she managed to keep us interested from beginning to end, with loads of content and many good tips on how to prepare for the exam. Well done!
Margherita Buoso, European Space Agency

August 2003

I'd like to add that I've found CMC very helpful and the options available to distance learners ample and very satisfactory. I wouldn't hesitate to recommend this method of study for the more dedicated students that have difficulty fitting their studies around work and I'd certainly recommend CMC.
Charli White, RSM Robson Rhodes

July 2003

Many thanks again for your inspiring tutoring and all your help.
Roisin Vaughan, CIM Diploma and E-Marketing delegate
, Cambridge University Press

May 2003

Many thanks for a really enjoyable day yesterday. I’m full to the brim with ideas now and just need time to implement them!
It was a really valuable day and has certainly given me lots to think about!

Gill Attmore and Michaela McAdam

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I just wanted to advise that my study books have arrived today. Wow! That’s very impressive. I wasn’t expecting such a volume of professionally presented publications and study aids as part of the fee - this already way surpasses the support I experienced with a previous marketing college, and I haven’t even logged in to my course yet! As we know, customer experience is paramount and, as a new student and ‘client’, the CMC has made me feel very valued indeed. Thank you. Looking forward to my bedtime reading! Many thanks indeed.


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