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Cambridge Marketing College


To keep your knowledge at the cutting edge and broaden your professional network, take part in College events:

  • Annual Cambridge Marketing Dinner
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Be one of the first to study the new CIM professional Qualification level 7
Wednesday 9 November - 2pm

To know everything about the CIM Marketing Leadership Programme.

  • Why CIM Marketing Leadership Programme
  • Programme positioning
  • Introducing the new programme
  • Assessments and time to study
  • Key benefits for students
  • Endorsements by employers
  • Questions

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The PSMG 21st Annual Conference - "Innovation isn't easy, but it's simple"
16 Nov 2016 - From 08:00 to 17:30
Venue: One America Square Conference Centre, 17 Crosswall, London EC3N 2LB.



No matter how challenging the implementation of an innovative idea may be, the concept itself can be simple. Everyone can innovate! It is not going to happen overnight – we are talking evolution not revolution and each firm’s culture, leadership and strategic direction are different. What we have seen however, is that where firms create a true culture of innovation, success follows. The key message at the PSMG 21st Annual Conference is to demonstrate that innovation is not only achievable but vital for success. 

Find out more and meet us there!

The Cambridge Marketing Book Club: Alan Moore on No Straight Lines
Date TBC - Cambridge               

 We have arrived at the adaptive edge of our industrial society. We face significant challenges that are social, economic, environmental and organisational in nature. These are not separate but interwoven and they ask big questions of how do we collectively respond to these design challenges? Technology always  invites the possibility to rethink, and redesign pretty much everything. Think, IoT, FinTech, Wearable Tech, nanotechnology, driverless cars, and electric super cars courtesy of Elon Musk and Tesla.

But this is not a tech only story. This is about purpose in a business, creating value, it is about people, communities and society - because who else does business serve? Its about applied creativity to imagine what was previously seen as impossible and then create it. Once upon a time we struggled to conceive of the reality of manned flight, of phones not plugged into walls, or electricity running through houses, towns and cities.

How can we create a more restorative, higher performing economy and what is our role in it?
 What does next for business look like to you?

Fees: Attendance costs just £15 per session (exc. VAT) and includes a free copy of the book under discussion.


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The CIM has launched its new Marketing Leadership Programme for senior and strategic marketers and we are delighted to announce that we are one of just a few Study Centres accredited to deliver it. The new programme offers an exciting challenge for marketers who want to get to the very top of their game and replaces the existing Postgraduate Diploma. Our programme will start in February 2017 and you can enrol now by contacting You can find out more about the programme here: CIM Marketing Leadership Programme.

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In an extract from his forthcoming Handbook on Internal Marketing, Nick Wake discusses the purpose of Internal Communication and its impact on engagement and product development. To read: Internal marketing – CMR12 Internal marketing – CMR12  

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I just wanted to advise that my study books have arrived today. Wow! That’s very impressive. I wasn’t expecting such a volume of professionally presented publications and study aids as part of the fee - this already way surpasses the support I experienced with a previous marketing college, and I haven’t even logged in to my course yet! As we know, customer experience is paramount and, as a new student and ‘client’, the CMC has made me feel very valued indeed. Thank you. Looking forward to my bedtime reading! Many thanks indeed.


Welcome to all our #students joining our classes in #Manchester today. Best of luck with your studies!

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